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one single screening method

Delivering a definitive diagnosis* for general practitioners & Lyme specialists (*clinical testing soon)

Not serological

Even for early-stage Lyme

preserves spirochetes

No disintegration


From 4 ml of blood

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Over 40,000 tests done

About Us

Lyme diagnostics Ltd. is primarily focused on the more exact, routine diagnostics of Lyme disease, building on the innovative technologies developed by the diagnostic & therapeutic workgroup of the Lyme Borreliosis Foundation. We offer the results of 30 years of work by 8 medical professionals. Currently, our novel diagnostic methods are supplemented with laboratory-standard, widely-accepted diagnostic procedures, and carefully confirmed by clinical diagnosis. Our objective is that - after clinical testing - we will be able to offer one single screening method across Europe, and in North America.

Our Services

To general practitioners & Lyme specialists: in the current status of development, we offer a reliable, standard diagnostic system for diagnosing Lyme borreliosis. The system is based on 3 legs, each of which are currently inevitable for a perfect diagnosis:

Clinical symptoms

With our unique questionnaire, the trained professional can make a record of the clinical symptoms told by the patient.

DualDur investigation

4 ml of blood from the patient is taken into DualDur. Spirochetes are concentrated and examined in their natural life by dark-field microscopy.


To enhance specificity, i.e. confirm the type of spirochete, we perform a standard and a modified Western-blot test. This will help prescribing the treatment.

+ Training & support

We deliver a theoretical and practical training for Lyme specialists, so they are able to use the system for best diagnosis. We provide continuous support.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 805609

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