We are the Team of Lyme Diagnostics Ltd., bound together by decades of “pro bono” work for the benefit of suffering patients.
We will get all resources to diagnose Lyme borreliosis at any stage, alleviate the suffering of Lyme patients, especially the chronic cases where there is little hope of recovery currently, and the early cases, where therapy has the most beneficial effect.

Lyme Diagnostics Ltd. is primarily focused on the more exact, routine diagnostics of Lyme disease, building on the innovative technologies developed by the diagnostic & therapeutic workgroup of the Lyme Borreliosis Foundation. We offer the results of 30 years of work by 8 medical professionals. Currently, our novel diagnostic methods are supplemented with laboratory-standard, widely-accepted diagnostic procedures, and carefully confirmed by clinical diagnosis. Our objective is that – after clinical testing – we will be able to offer one single screening method across Europe, and in North America.