To general practitioners & Lyme specialists: in the current status of development, we offer a reliable, standard diagnostic system for diagnosing Lyme borreliosis. The system is based on 3 legs, each of which are currently inevitable for a perfect diagnosis:

Clinical symptoms

With our unique questionnaire, the trained professional can make a record of the clinical symptoms told by the patient.


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DualDur investigation

4 ml of blood from the patient is taken into DualDur. Spirochetes are concentrated and examined in their natural life by dark-field microscopy.Learn more »


To enhance specificity, i.e. confirm the type of spirochete, we perform a standard and a modified Western-blot test. This will help prescribing the treatment.Learn more »

+ Training & support

We deliver a theoretical and practical training for Lyme specialists, so they are able to use the system for best diagnosis. We provide continuous support.Learn more »