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Over 2 years to a diagnosis?

A nationwide survey by LymeDisease.org confirms that current methods used to diagnose and treat Lyme disease are often faulty and inadequate.  The overwhelming response rate – over 6,000 respondents within six weeks – demonstrates the urgency of this issue within the Lyme community.

Diagnosis of Lyme borreliosis

Your patient is suspected to have Lyme disease. Serology was inconclusive, PCR didn’t work? Are you looking for a more reliable diagnostic method? You have found one that was tested on over 40,000 samples.

Arterioventricular conduction disturbance due to Lyme carditis

    Active professional sportsman was admitted to our hospital with arterio-ventricular conduction disturbances. Purpose of admission was to insert a definitive pacemaker. During recording of the symptoms and patient history, the patient mentioned a tick-bite on the neck, followed by the only symptom of arterio-ventricular […]

False Diagnosis = mis-treatment

Out of 960 Lyme borreliosis patients with chronic symptoms, 707 had not been treated for the symptoms before – according to data from a Hungarian Lyme clinic. The patients were diagnosed with other disorders, e.g. autoimmune, rheumatologic, neurologic or psychiatric diseases.

Interview with Dr. Béla P. Bózsik

The following interview was posted on Lyme.no, the website of the Norwegian Lyme Borreliosis Association, in 2010. Dr. Bózsik is the inventor of DualDur and the leader of the Diagnostic & Therapeutic Workgroup of the Lyme Borreliosis Foundation, Hungary.